Thank you so much for taking some time to get to know me! My greatest passion in life is photography. A huge part of my work is connection. Without connection, I feel it is nearly impossible to document the authentic moments in life. Whether I am shooting weddings, births, or at-home lifestyle sessions, I am always so honored to have been chosen to document this time in your life. I am committed to documenting those fleeting moments of pure passion that bring us to life.

I find my inspiration all around me. The small moments are just as important as the big ones to me. I'd favor an out of focus photo of a moment of genuine emotion over a perfectly posed portrait any day. My work is not perfect, but I find so much beauty in those imperfect, unrehearsed moments. This job is not a series of business transactions to me, it is a connection to people who share the same belief that our lives deserve to be documented, perfect or not. Let's focus on what matters most!